Google Global Cache (GGC) enables your company to optimize network infrastructure costs associated with delivering Google and YouTube content to your users by serving this content from inside your network.

GGC is implemented as a set of servers deployed in your datacenter, remotely managed by Google. The number of servers deployed will depend on the bandwidth demands of your users and the number of locations at which you chose to install GGC nodes.

The GGC program is by invitation only. If you are interested in the program, please fill out the form below to be added to our database. We will contact service providers who match our current criteria, which include:

  • Your organization operates a network with a public Autonomous System Number.
  • Your organization operates a network with a publicly routable address space (at least a /24).
  • Your organization's address space and AS-Macro are registered with the appropriate regional Internet registry.

Thank you,
The GGC Team